About us

About us

FRANMAX is a company providing IT services to MAXIMA GRUPĖ owned retail chains in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Bulgaria.

FRANMAX continuously develops, improves, supports and maintains the business management IT systems and IT infrastructure of MAXIMA GRUPĖ companies, it ensures the security of electronic data and contributes to the smooth development of retail business.


The CEO of FRANMAX, UAB is Karolis Lesickas

Code of Business Ethics

Today the success of business depends not only on coherence of processes, but also on reputation.  We care about the reputation we create as an employer and as a business and community representative.  When creating business relations, communicating with employees, clients, partners, suppliers, government and other institutions, and society, we follow our shareholder’s - UAB Vilniaus prekyba - Code of Business Ethics. 

Code of Business Ethics is available HERE.

Preventing Corruption

MAXIMA GRUPĖ's anti-corruption policy includes main transparency principles, requirements and guidelines how to ensure anti-corruption practices in our everyday operations.  

Anti-corruption policy is available HERE.

A trust line is maintained at the company where you can anonymously report possible cases of corruption or other criminal activity in the company. The email address is pasitikejimolinija@maximagrupe.eu and the phone number is +370 669 00130. We guarantee confidentiality.